Aerobee 150

A Classic Sounding Rocket

The Aerobee 150A is a four-fin sounding rocket approximately 9 meters long and 38 centimeters in diameter, manufactured by [Space-General Corporation][aerojet] and first flown in February, 1960. The rocket is capable of transporting 45 to 130 kilograms payloads to high altitudes (over 200 kilometers) with a stable, near vertical trajectory. The rocket is a free-flight, fin-stabilized, tower-launched, vehicle consisting of a liquid propellant sustainer and a solid propellant booster. The rocket is rolled (spun) during flight to decrease dispersion.

Aerobee 150A Outline diagram

Mass Breakdown

Aerobee 150A Sustainer

NameMass [kg]
Minimum Payload45.359
Nose Extension6.35
Tank Shroud3.0
Head End Plumbing1.814
Tank Assembly74.156
Aniline/Furfuryl Alcohol Fuel134.354
Aft Shroud7.031
Thrust Chamber Assembly14.56
Misc. (fasteners, etc.)5.625
Reserve Propellent6.35
Fins (4)12.701

2.5 KS-18,000 Booster

NameMass [kg]
Booster body and fins153.314